Man sought in connection with baby found abandoned in restroom of Lakewood Walmart

A baby was abandoned in a Walmart bathroom last week and officials are now looking for a person who may be connected with the incident, …

Trump And His Supporters Seem Primed To Accept Saudi Denials Over Khashoggi

Trump indicates he may embrace a theory that clears Saudi officials in the journalist’s disappearance.

Zach LaVine offers support for former teammates Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins: ‘They are extremely competitive’

Back on Bulls media day on Sept. 24, Zach LaVine fielded a question about the saga that has dominated headlines regarding his former team, the …

A new ad from Uber and Girlboss pointedly illustrates the power of gender perceptions

We almost want to apologize for featuring yet another hidden-camera video capturing “real” people’s reactions to highlight a social issue, but we won’t. This one …

Donald Tusk tears through Paris in a scooter

European Council President Donald Tusk impressed everyone by cruising through the Paris in a fashionable electric scooter.

Linda Kay, Chicago Tribune’s 1st female sportswriter, dies at 66

Linda Kay, a pioneering Chicago Tribune sportswriter and columnist before moving to Montreal in the 1980s, died Friday after a bout with cancer. She was …

Google Maps’ motorcycle navigation mode has come to Africa

Google wants to help Africa’s motorcycles taxis navigate roads better. The company launched the motorcycle mode feature on Google Maps today (Oct. 15) in Kenya, …

Former NESN cameraman John Martin dies of ALS

“He was asked to handle more than any human should be asked to and he did so well, as well as anyone could, in this …

After Trump’s call with Saudi leader, he suggests ‘rogue killers’ murdered journalist

President Donald Trump suggested Monday that «rogue killers» could be responsible for a Saudi journalist’s disappearance after a personal phone call in which Trump said …

Criticism ramps up after Italian city denies immigrant children access to lunch subsidies

An NGO has raised funds to pay for school lunches and bus fees for children of immigrant parents after an Italian city barred them from …

Trump Says ‘Rogue Killers’ May Be Involved in Saudi Journalist Case

The Saudi king denied knowing anything about what happened to Jamal Khashoggi, said President Trump, who is sending his secretary of state to meet the …

‘H-E-L-P’: stranded couple rescued after tree plea spotted from aerial imagery

A US couple who used tumbled trees to spell out HELP after being trapped by Hurricane Michael in Florida were rescued after their niece saw …

Sweden’s Löfven takes turn at forming new government

Sweden’s caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has two weeks to try to form a governing coalition after the center right failed to win support in …

Viking longship discovery thrills archaeologists

Archaeologists in Norway have used ground-penetrating radar technology to discover an extremely rare Viking longship in what experts are describing as a ‘sensational’ find.

Proud Boys Street Gang Had A Weekend Of Coast-To-Coast Violence

Florida killer describes haunting ‘fantasy’ in crime doc: ‘I wanted to feel what it was like to take somebody’s life’

When William S. Coffin III first saw crime scene photos of Largo, Florida resident Patricia Canon King, he was visibly disgusted by what he saw …

Candace Owens: Democrats aren’t the party of women — they’re the party of exploiting them for political gain

As Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., pointed out, all Democrats want is power – by any means necessary.

The best countries to move for work and make more money

Moving abroad pays. Expats who move to another country for work make an average of $21,000 extra in annual salary, according to the 2018 Expat …

Just in Time for Spooky Season, You Can Be the Proud Owner of a Famous Salem Witch Trial Victim’s House

The house of John Proctor, a victim of the Salem Witch Trials, is now on the market for the price of $600,000. Proctor was a …

The Palm brand is back, as a phone for your phone

Many tech companies have created minimalist phones with limited functionality—and limited success—ostensibly to try and pull consumers from the depths of smartphone dependency. The latest …

What to expect when Fusion GPS boss Simpson appears on Hill

Rep. Ratcliffe says Simpson is in ‘real legal jeopardy’ over conflicting testimony with Bruce Ohr on the anti-Trump dossier.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson reportedly end engagement

Semper Paratus: The Coast Guard is always ready

From search and rescue to stopping speed-demons and intercepting illegal cargo, the Coast Guard’s responsibilities are vast.

Ancient ‘grand lady’ skeleton uncovered in Chinese tomb

Archaeologists in China have uncovered the tomb of a 900-year-old preserved skeleton named the «Grand Lady.» The remains of the body were uncovered in a …

Volunteers rally to help Hurricane Michael victims

Groups across Florida spent the weekend packing up thousands of boxes of food, water and other life-saving necessities to send to communities on the Florida …

Museum of Pizza opens in New York City

It’s a slice of history as the Museum of Pizza at the William Vail Hotel in Williamsburg showcases displays each creatively focusing on pizza.

Sears files for bankruptcy, the last gasp of its incredible fall

The local Sears was where generations of Americans went to buy their washing machines, power tools, home goods, and clothes. But the company that started …

Trump Denies Making Charity Pledge Tied To Elizabeth Warren DNA Test

Now that the senator has released evidence of her Native American heritage, Trump seems to have forgotten his pledge.

2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS450 test drive: Benz gets back inline with straight-six

Return of a classic engine.

Surveillance video shows scene seconds before Georgia model crashes car after being shot in neck

Authorities released surveillance video of the scene just seconds before a Georgia model crashed her car after being shot in the neck, hoping witnesses will …

Antifa vandalizes NYC GOP headquarters; witches pick their latest target: Kavanaugh

Guests: Deroy Murdock, Chris Hahn, Dan Bongino, Jonathan Turley, Catherine Areu, Jedediah Bila

The Who’s Roger Daltrey says he fathered three ‘surprise kids’ that he knew nothing about

On his 50th birthday, The Who frontman Roger Daltrey discovered he was the father of a woman he had never met.

Robert De Niro says he’s ‘offended’ by behavior of Trump, ‘Republicans in general’

Robert De Niro told Alec Baldwin that he feels “offended” by President Trump and the GOP, during the premiere Sunday night of ABC’s “The Alec Baldwin Show.”

Jenna Bush Hager shares candid photo of her and Barbara Bush with George W. Bush photobombing

Jenna Bush Hager is sharing more photos from Barbara Bush’s wedding weekend.

White St. Louis Realtor Fired After She Was Recorded Refusing to Let Black Neighbor Into His Apartment

(ST. LOUIS) — A white woman who refused to allow a black neighbor into their downtown St. Louis apartment building because he wouldn’t show her …

Harvard University’s high-stakes affirmative action case heads to federal court

Harvard University is fighting accusations that the admissions racially discriminated against Asian-American students in a high-stakes affirmative action case in federal court on Monday.

Harvard University’s high-stakes affirmative action case heads to federal court

Harvard University is fighting accusations that the admissions racially discriminated against Asian-American students in a high-stakes affirmative action case in federal court on Monday.

Idaho wildlife official’s safari photos spark outrage

Another controversy is brewing about an American hunter’s safari in Africa.

Huge ‘diamond’ sculpture in space could make history

If the purpose of art is to expand our minds, how does that change when the artwork is 350 miles away in low Earth orbit?

Top tech CEOs bicker over chronic homelessness

Two of the world’s top tech CEOs disagree about how to ease homelessness in San Francisco—a city where extreme wealth glitters alongside roughly 7,500 living …

Bank of America’s lagging loan growth overshadows profit gains

Bank of America Corp’s loan growth lagged rivals and fees from advising on deals and underwriting bonds fell in the third quarter, sending its share …

Turkey, Saudi Arabia present policy challenges for Trump

American pastor released from Turkey as missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is feared dead; reaction and analysis from the ‘Special Report’ All-Stars.

U.S. retail sales increase modestly; consumer spending strong

U.S. retail sales barely rose in September as a rebound in motor vehicle purchases was offset by the biggest drop in spending at restaurants and …

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ director Bryan Singer preemptively responds to article about alleged sexual misconduct

Director Bryan Singer has preemptively made a statement with regards to an upcoming article that he believes will revisit sexual abuse and misconduct allegations previously …

Trump tours hurricane-battered Florida and Georgia, praises recovery efforts

President Trump and the first lady arrived in the Florida Panhandle on Monday morning to tour areas of the Sunshine State and Georgia that were …

NH mom uses art to raise awareness of nation’s opioid crisis

After her daughter died from an accidental drug overdose in 2014, Anne Marie Zanfagna found her calling: Painting the faces of young people whose lives …

How to Fix the House of Representatives in One Easy, Radical Step

Intense speculation over which party will control the House of Representatives next year has papered over a troubling reality: The chamber is an embarrassment to …

Viking longship discovery thrills archaeologists

Archaeologists in Norway have used ground-penetrating radar technology to discover an extremely rare Viking longship in what experts are describing as a “sensational” find.

Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner asked to resign after hunting photos surface

Warning graphic content: An Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner is asked to resign after hunting photos appear online. Blake Fischer reportedly sent photos to friends …

‘UFO spotted’ in Asia? Bizarre lights seen over China baffle onlookers

Mysterious lights were spotted in China last week, leaving onlookers to wonder what they were and some even questioned if they were from another planet.

Sessions: MS-13 gang, drug cartels among top threats to US

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says taking down the brutal MS-13 street gang and international drug cartels will be a priority for federal law enforcement

Zimbabwe economic troubles in 2018 are starting to look like 2008’s hyperinflation crisis

Empty shelves in supermarkets, rising cooking oil prices and never-ending queues for petrol queues. In recent weeks it has seemed like Zimbabwe’s economy has returned …

Senate Judiciary Committee’s Only 4 Women Reflect On Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

«Women have had to put up with this bulls**t for way too long,» Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) said.

Hammer Gala raises $2.6 million, honors Margaret Atwood and Glenn Ligon for their socially engaged works

Under the soft glow of golden orbs suspended from trees at the Hammer Museum’s Gala in the Garden on Sunday, art world stars — including …

West-Saudi tensions lift safe havens; stocks slip

Major stock markets slipped on Monday as rising tensions between Western powers and Saudi Arabia added to concerns over economic growth, with investors flocking to …